V 1.9.15 - 22.12.2017 

New features:

-Improved Close date format for Top Deals, Inactive Deals and Longtime Open Deals Reports

-Report "New Created Deals" includes Close date column

-Admin should be able to see tasks & details of all users in non-small team option

-Tasks and Events auto-fill date fields

Bug fixes:

-Company import notification shows correct number of companies updated

-Area of Interest gets imported in companies

-List view of "Activity per User" report scroll down issue

-Converting a lead into a deal or creating a new deal error

V 1.9.14 - 15.12.2017 

New features:

- Export of Deals includes Create Date

- Activity per User report includes a list view when clicking on a bar 

- Improved import of Companies (especially updating existing companies)

Bug fixes:

- Report: SaaS & fixed revenue recognition shows empty list view sometimes

- Report fixed: New Created Deals

V 1.9.13 - 16.11.2017 

New features:

- Filter for Areas of interest for Leads

- Converting a contact into a lead reflects Area of interest

- Exporting contacts in batches of 6000 records per file

Bug fixes:

- Reopened deal does not show on the forecast

- Links to deals & leads are not showing for some companies

- Imported companies do not reflect on 'Company/Contact creation per user' report

- Reports fixed: Total bookings report/quarter, Total bookings comparison YoY/QoQ, Total revenue split by forecast category 

V 1.9.12 - 29.09.2017 

New features:

- Connection Lost notification no longer shows on minor errors

- Saving texts during Connection Lost

- Ability to create new contacts in a lead

- Ability to submit a forecast to all users in Small team option

- UI improvements when viewing Previous Forecasts in Forecast mode

Bug fixes:

- SaaS list report shows 0 for all Quarter totals

- Cannot download particular attachment

- Deleting a company type in Admin section should get rid of it on company level

V 1.9.11 - 22.08.2017 

New features:

- Ability to change contact name in lead info

Bug fixes:

- Enriching a contact does not get saved

- Renaming Company Type in Admin section

V 1.9.10 - 11.07.2017 

New features:

- Leads & Deals - sort by "Create Date" (newest to oldest)
- Deals - new close date filter "Rest of FY"

- Filters in Reports get saved

- Filters within reports get saved

- No auto-refresh when switching between tabs in Reports

Bug fixes:

- Leads tabs are not showing correct numbers

- Choosing a product while creating a new deal pops up at the bottom

- Error notification whenever Admin assigns a lead to a particular user

V 1.9.09 - 19.06.2017 

New features:

- Report for Pipeline Forecast Bridge per Month/Quarter

- Node.js & Seneca updates

- Deal list view allows reordering, -sizing and hiding of columns to be saved (local storage)

Bug fixes:

- Deal filter shows own name multiple times

- Non-Small team option shows all Account Managers

V 1.9.08 - 02.05.2017 

New features:

- Adding contacts to leads/deals will suggest all contacts from the selected company by default (no more preloading of all contacts)

- Custom fields for deals available for display on deal list view 

Bug fixes:

- Deals show custom fields

V 1.9.07 - 18.04.2017 

New features:

- 'Add New Deal' button on the top bar in Company 

- Deal status shown in Company and Contact

- Entering a channel partner to a lead will indicate if it's a new entry/company 

- Report for New Leads Creation Trend per week, month, quarter and fiscal year

- MongoDB update + improved overall performance

V 1.9.06 - 20.03.2017 

New features:

- Close date, start date and end date of deals and their products/services will take the user's timestamp regardless of timezone 

Bug fixes:

- Export of leads shows latest quicknote

V 1.9.05 - 10.03.2017 

New features:

- Using 'Send Email' button in contacts automatically creates a done task

- Probable Mode highlights flagged deals with a darker color

Bug fixes:

- Admin's right to assign and delete leads

- Removing a product from a deal also removes its value

- Probable Mode showing correct values in the summary box

V 1.9.04 - 24.02.2017 

New features:

- Report for Current Leads Distribution

- Improved spotlight search results

Bug fixes:

- Leads export includes latest quicknote

V 1.9.03 - 17.02.2017 

New features:

- Sort by recent for Leads and Deals now shows last opened Lead/Deal

- Report for SaaS and fixed revenue recognition list 

Bug fixes:

- Close date issues

V 1.9.02 - 10.02.2017 

New features:

- Enhanced performance of spotlight search

- Ability to click on a deal in the list view and then going back to the list view instead of deal view

- Custom currency fields with proper format according to set default currency

Bug fixes: 

- Cannot go back to previous stage in leads

- Currency value issues when default currency is set to USD

- Deal list shows wrong close dates

- Error notification when logging into iSEEit

V 1.9.01 - 12.12.2016 

New features:

- List view for deals

- Custom fields (e.g. currency fields) integrated into the list view

- Importing companies includes field for account manager

- Importing deals includes fields for multiple notes

- Performance optimization of contacts and companies filter

Bug fixes: 

- Date filter in deals

V 1.8.06 - 25.11.2016 

New features:

- Custom fields for leads & deals

- Import of data for new custom fields in leads & deals

Bug fixes: 

- Improved importing of leads & deals

V 1.8.05 - 25.10.2016

New features:

- Adding a new contact to a company includes field for gender

- Meeting tasks can also be sent as Email invite to owner/creator (as recipient)

- Ability to sort leads and deals by name, recently created, value and forecast category

- Email for meeting task invite shows source (lead, deal, etc.) 

Bug fixes: 

- Reports for Contact/Company creation shows correct data 

- Deleting a company also deletes everything associated with that company (contacts, leads, deals, meeting minutes)

V 1.8.04 - 02.09.2016

New features:

- Free customizable fields in companies and contacts

- Editable "Next steps" box in Deals


Bug fixes: 

- Tagging a lead as trash allows selection of existing reasons

- Importing a contact with Newsletter marked yes

- Importing leads shows Areas of interest

- Importing leads shows status (hot, warm, etc.)

- Importing leads shows Quick notes

- Exporting companies includes field for account manager

V 1.8.03 - 26.07.2016

New features:

- Companies can be filtered according to "Target account"

- Companies can be filtered according to State, City and Zipcode

- Total number of Contacts and Companies displayed in the top right corner

- Google Calendar import feature has current date as starting date

- Report "Inactive Leads" includes filter for status (hot, warm, etc.)

- New filter for Leads and Deals: "My owned leads/deals" (only owner, not follower)

- Export of all Leads (hot, warm, cold, etc.) in one CSV

"Clear All" button when searching for Contact name or Company name in filters

Bug fixes:

- "SaaS & fixed revenue recognition" report shows quarterly recurring deals properly

- Exporting deals creates file with correct number of deals according to filter

V 1.8.02 - 01.07.2016

New features:

- Import of Google Calendar entries

- Spotlight search across domains

V 1.8.01 - 15.06.2016

New features:

- Import of Google Contacts

- Saving/closing a Meeting Minute no longer asks for rating

- Converting a Lead to a Deal will automatically suggest the previously selected country/region 

Bug fixes:

- Creating a task in the calendar view and changing the deadline no longer creates error message

- Product without subproduct and recurring revenue shows progression

- Adding/Deleting checklist items in a Qualifier/Milestone in the Admin section, Deal Settings

V 1.7.04 - 27.05.2016

New features:

- Admin can delete a user/member

- Creating a new Contact, Company, Lead or Deal will automatically open it

- Export of Leads includes Lead Source and Channel Partner

Bug fixes:

- Faster loading times in the Deal section

- Red color of main qualifier status in Forecast mode

V 1.7.03 - 19.05.2016

New features:

- Report for Average Sales Cycle per Month/Quarter including average selling price

- Report for Inactive Leads

- Report for Company/Contact creation per Week

- Report for Company/Contact creation per User

- Report for Team Activity per Week

- Report for Activity per User

- Report for Team Activity per Type

- Company Associations (Parent, Subsidiary, Affiliate, Business Partner) including link displayed on Company level 

Bug fixes:

- Colors fixed for SaaS & fixed revenue recognition report
- Existing tasks display the "Follow up" button

V 1.7.02 - 22.04.2016

New features:

- Creating a new Deal contains field for Close Date

- Assigning a Lead automatically makes the Assignee the new Owner

- Exporting Leads includes column indicating date of creation

- Admin can assign any Lead, Deal regardless of Owner

- Additional Filter in Companies: Special Interest/Area of Interest

- Creating a new Lead, Deal automatically uses the User's Business Unit as Source if not filled out manually

- Filter for Lead Source in alphabetic order

Bug fixes:

- Filter for Partner Deals works (Deal view, Forecast mode)

- No more error message when stages are progressing in the customized leads

- Exporting leads

- Exporting companies

V 1.7.01 - 12.04.2016

New features:

- Improved Lead Qualifiers - Checklists automatically trigger lead rating and status

- Customizable Leads (in Admin section)

- In Companies, "Named account" which affects the lead rating (Target: 0 or 10 points) has been changed to "Target account"

- All datepickers indicate current date 

- Ability to turn off automatic weekly forecast update in Admin section

Bug fixes:

- Export of contacts containing special characters (ö, é, etc.)

- Export of filtered contacts only exports filtered contacts

- Importing contacts with special characters

- Export of contacts contains info of a contact in one row

Task created in the calendar view (by double clicking) saves description/note

Task list shows tasks where user is owner, assignee and follower. Dashboard only shows assigned and owned tasks

- Creating a task by double clicking inside the Calendar view saves the description/note

- An added checklist item in a Qualifier/Milestone can also be deleted

V 1.6.04 - 31.03.2016

New features:

- In Small Team option, everyone can now access and edit the tasks of other members, otherwise it will be based on the hierarchy

- Email Notification includes source (e.g. Lead) with a logo (of the company) and a link

- Report for new created deals for the selected time frame 

Report for total bookings by deal source

 Bug fixes:

- Selecting a deadline for a qualifier or milestone in a deal

- Top 10 Deals report shows deals with the correct date according to filter

- Email Notification when assigning a lead to someone

V 1.6.03 - 23.03.2016

New features:

- Exporting contacts also includes data from the company

- Clicking on a task source will take you to the source and leave the task open in the right window

- New Qualifier/Milestone design in deal sheet (checklist items affect the status, e.g. all items checked = complete)

- Support live chat

Bug fixes:

- Exporting contacts includes all data

- Alignment of task source and description in tasks list view

V 1.6.02 - 18.03.2016 

New features:

- New Tasks design (Source info displayed, action buttons including follow-up)

- Admins can delete leads from any owner

Bug fixes:

- Minimizing filters in Companies

- Probable Mode showing the correct values for selected deals

V 1.6.01 - 09.03.2016

New features:

- Channel partner reports; leads generated/deals booked

- Remove contacts from leads/deals

Bug fixes:

- SaaS Report

- MRR deal contributors

- Loading enhancements

V 1.6.00 - 16.2.2016

New features: 

- Reports

- Reopen closed deals

- Delete contacts in a deal

Bug fixes: 

- Back button to FC page 

- Deal list loading time improved

V1.5.06 - 1.2.2016

Bug fixes:

- Remember start date and end date in filters

- Leads tabs to show right values

V1.5.05 - 29.1.2016

New feature:

- Admin can delete deals

Bug fixes: 

- Show Tasks, Deals and Leads in Companies and Contacts

- Show lead value on tile and card details

Alpha Test - Reports - 26.1.2016

Infinite data, Xroadmedia, Great Sales Force, Looklet, Direct-Sales, Kjero

V 1.5.04 - 26.1.2016

New features: 

- Remember filters on back button incl. selection on lists (Company, Deals, Leads)

- Search bar for Leads, Deals

V 1.5.03 - 20.1.2016

New features:

- In Contacts, filter stays when going to a different section

- Data migration for SaaS Revenue

Bug fixes:
- Auto refresh on Tasks & Leads when closing or editing the BANT status

- Probable mode now working again

V 1.5.02 - 14.1.2016

Bug fixes: 
- Loading Contacts, Leads, etc. when scrolling down lists 

- In Leads, scrolling down shows more than 55 records

- Admin on Safari browser is able to select small team option

V 1.5.01 - 21.12.2015

Bug fixes:

- Hove over on Companies shows full name

- Channel Partner search in Leads and Deals

V 1.5.00 - 14.12.2015

New features:

- Products section in deals now with SaaS and Units option (MRR)

(Empty cache on new install)

V 1.4.04 - 27.11.2015

New features:

- Can see peers deals in FC in small team option

- Save filter on FC screen 

V 1.4.03 - 19.11.2015

New feature:

- Forecast screen now printable

Bug fix:
- Issue with exchange rate


V 1.4.02 - 18.11.2015

Bug fix:

- Connection lost due to Contacts, Leads and Tasks lost links


V1.4.01 - 6.11.2015

New features:

- Corrected Forecast Filter Won & closed deals now in 1 section

- Business Partner tagging for leads and deals and filter in list sections plus forecast

- Improved performance on initial start (minimize, Gzip, 79/100 google score)

V 1.4 - 19.10.2015

New features: 

- File Attachments (Computer, Dropbox, Google Drive), also for iPad (except Google drive)

- New and enhanced meeting minutes with in-line task creation